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Astrorisa Moon Forecasts

Share your testimonies about Astrorisa Moon Forecast or Iya's Priest work.



Quotes I have been receiving Astrorisa Forecast for four years now. Every year I make arrangements 2 months before my birthday so that I am prepared for my next birth year. Every year the information given to me has prepared me to deal, ahead of time, with any physical, emotional, work, personal, etc. challenges that may come my way. With this I am better able to recognize what's going on and deal with the issue much sooner than if I never received my forecast. Every year I am amazed to find every single item mentioned in my forecast has come to fruition. Recently I was going over my Forecast, as I do every couple of weeks to keep it in the forefront of my mind, and it prepared me for let's say...a sticky situation at work. With the information afforded me via the Forecast, I was able to see the situation coming and head it my benefit.

With that, and many more experiences like this over the past four years, I will continue to request my yearly Forecast and KNOW that I am better prepared to handle life's challenges. Modupe pupo to your Ase, Ancestors & Orisa for the gift they have bestowed upon you and for using that gift to help others.

Osungbenadina Rohrbacher

June 23, 2017

I can't begin to tell you how much your work has influenced my life. My first interaction with Iya Ade was through your Astrorisa Moon Birth Chart, which described my current situation and foretold those to come. The part that really was amazing was that you also gave me the tools/rituals to navigate through them. Since then, Iya Ade is the only person who does work for me and my family. I can honestly say her work helped change our lives! Adupe o, Iya! We love you!

With love,

Osuntola & Ifakunle

February 10, 2017


My personal testimonial: I am relatively new to Astrology although I have known of it most of my life. I have started doing moon work within the last several months and have found your forecast to be highly helpful in knowing what to avoid and the energies to harness at the particular time. In combination with other wisdom and knowledge from the Elders in my Spiritual Family as well as Ifa messages through His disciples, I have made some significant progress. I am still a work in progress in reaching for my highest and greatest destiny, but you input has been ineffable.

Modupe Pupa Iya!


February 4, 2017


Quotes Iya Ade stands out in the Orisha Community by reflectiing the best aspects of our African diasporan heritage. This would not be possible without standing on the shoulders of those who began the modern African cultural restoration movement in the Western Hemisphere almost 60 years ago. By embracing her humanity, compassion, intellect, bravery and spirit in the endeavor, Iya Ade lives culture and tradition, developing new pathways for the movement in the 21st century.

Eku Se.Adupe pupo

Iyawo Obatala Hwesuhunu (Manchester, UK)

February 4, 2017


Quotes Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade is amazing! Her insights are right on target and I am proud to say that she is my spiritual advisor. She can communicate very complex mental, physical, metaphysical, and spiritual concepts so that they are understandable and more than that, relatable to one’s own personal experiences. A library of knowledge, wealth, and wisdom, she is clearly connected on many levels and on many dimensions. I know this because I was a little apprehensive at first, having met numerous individuals who claim to be what they might aspire to be. Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade is the real deal. Knowing her over the years has demonstrated her truth and her willingness to give above and beyond expectations. Words that I use to describe her: kind, honest, thoughtful, relevant, mind-boggling, and awesome. I do not hesitate recommending her to others-just one reading gives you so much information. Whenever she makes a video, I watch it and take notes. I also thoroughly enjoy her moon forecasts that keep me up-to-date with what is happening around me.

by ADC ~ 2/ 3/ 2017


Quotes I have been following Astrorisa Moon Forecasts since 2010/2011. I have received several quarterly forecasts in that time. My forecasts have always been explicitly accurate, often down to the day of a prescribed event. The forecasts in and of themselves are highly informative and serve as a blueprint for the cycles of my life. I equally appreciate the suggested prescriptions that are essential to each forecast. Astrorisa Moon Forecasters' experience as an astrologer, intuitive medium, and priestess of the Yoruba orisha Yemoja, illuminates the collective wisdom of moon cycles, astrology and odu ifa. I am so very grateful for this work because, it works!




 Quotes The Astrorisa Forecast and consultation has been a wonderful experience, enlivening and insightful for me intertwining with the readings I've had both before and during the period covered by the forecast. Almost immediately the Forecast became an intrinsic part of the routine I follow from week to week. The consultation process was smooth and unencumbered by communication difficulties despite the fact that I am based overseas from Astrorisa Moon Forecaster. What perhaps has most impressed me has been the follow up and care after the consultation was completed. I've found the information in rhe Forecast timely and informative in many different areas of my life including business and personal relationships. I have now become a keen follower of the regular Moon Forecasts as well and look forward to the light that they shine on life. I would highly recommend Astrorisa forecasts and I am already ready to book my next one! Quotes

Baba Hwesuhunu 1-2013


Quotes Ire it's a blessing to gain this information on my journey it allows me to get insight on my situations. It allows me stay away from certain types of energy as well modupe Quotes

Ayo (coming with joy)


 Quotes Ase O,, we so appreciate your time and energy to compile and share the forecast with all of us. We certainly see the manifestation of the this full moon energy as we await the safe return of our daughters in Nigeria.. and we look at the hidden things leading to this reprehensible act. Oya and Ogun energies indeed. We pray for your continued ascension spiritually. Blessings! Quotes

Oyas Grace May 2014


Quotes Ooowee! that forecast (Aries/ Ogun New Moon) is the realest! i've been feeling those energies building up over the past week and a half. your moon reports are so awesome at showing how even in our contemporary times celestial energies hold sway over all. thanks for the advice on circumventing some undesirable effects of this new moon! Quotes

Kaliaha - March 2014


Quotes I continue to be amazed by the beauty and perfecting experience that is life in this beautiful spiritual and cultural tradition. And I could not imagine not having the resource of the AstrOrisa Moon forecasts, or the presence of Iya AstrOrisa Moon herself! I wish you all success, peace, joy, and happiness as we all sojourn together, under the light of the moon! Quotes

Name withheld ~February 2014


 Quotes This new moons meditation (June 8, 2013) is powerful. Thank you for taking the time to connect to spirit and then reconfigure it all for all of us. You are contributing to the forward movements of many peoples lives. Planting seeds intentionally during this new moon season will be particularly power. This is also a great example of the way in which ordained individuals must work collectively, this is your gift and because it is your gift it is a gift not only to your godchildren and students, but also to my godchildren and students..etc.... we are all stronger.. and clearer... and that makes the ancestors and the gods manifest here in on aiye. Shine on ... Quotes

N.Folami -June 2013


 Quotes Astrorisa Moon Forecasts have provided me with amazing insight and information. The first year I requested a chart on my earth birth date which was so amazing that next I had a chart done from my priesthood ordination date, all I can say is A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Several items were exactly like my ita!! I love the way she relates the astrological signs to the corresponding orisa and the practical ritual prescriptions to assist and support the energy needed. Knowing my cycles and power days has been an invaluable resource allowing me to plan major life tasks for maximum results. Bisi?s explanations of your sign, cycles and numerology are detailed yet understandable for a person like me who does not have a knowledge base in astrology. I highly recommend having a chart done by Astrorisa Moon Forecast, you will definitely be delighted with the results and have support for you life?s journey. Quotes

Efunlayo Maxey Ft. Lauderdale 1/3/2013


Quotes I began listening to Astrorisa Moon Forecasts a few years ago. I was so excited to hear this program because while there was some focus on astrology, there was a deeper focus on the moon and its effects on cycles and rhythms. It made complete sense to me that there would be an Astrorisa Moon Forecast because being in tune to and following natural rhythms and cycles is central/core to indigenous spiritual systems, honoring the ancestral ways and understanding Orisa. Listening to these forecasts reminded me of this but beginning to truly follow the cycles through journaling and various meditations, as well as getting a personal moon cycle forecast has shifted,healed and assisted me through transitions. Quotes

Kay J.


Quotes Astrorisa often speaks of the moon revealing that which is hidden. In following this work, I have had moments of comfort and moments of digging through very uncomfortable and sometimes painful things to find my true self. On either side there is always revelation. This is the moon, and true healing reaches beyond comfort into the hidden parts as well. Astrorisa Moon work is ancient, sacred,and destined, but even more so, it is re-birthing the feminine that humanity is missing as it it seeks to regain its balance and remembrance of the natural paths. This moon work is about whole healing/living. Quotes

Kay J. Part 2


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