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Astrorisa Moon Forecasts

Has your life suddenly and unexpectedly shifted in a new direction? Are you sensing a need to make new changes but can't figure out when is the best time or what is the most effective approach to achieving or securing your success? Receive your personal forecast today.

Astrorisa Moon Forecasts

Our Work

Astrorisa Moon Forecasts, is Astrology, Orisa Cosmology, Lunar observations; and the study of their relationships between each other and their combined influences upon our collective psyche. This is Moon Work as much as it is Soul Work and its purpose is to assist one who is seeking self empowerment, self awareness, and guidance towards effectively proceeding through their personal year.

The work of Astrorisa Moon Forecasts, is a healing and self discovery modality utilizing information from Astrology and African cosmology. Following Astrorisa Moon Forecast reports, regarding lunar cycles offers helpful information in handling the nekebhet-uatchet (subliminal)-(psychic) and ipamon (hidden) energies we are influenced by, and yet many times are unaware of its often challenging command.

These energy fluxes drive our responses to experience various events and situations. Our collective and individual consciousness play these influences out from a common theme, and those themes are identified here, using Astrological and Orisa expressions, guiding us through each lunar time for maximum self growth.

We do invest extensive time and sizable hours into each bi-monthly and personal forecast. By providing carefully crafted, in depth, and authentic information. We are ready to assist you in your commitment to self development, and internal ~ spiritual elevation.

Iya Ade

Apetebi Ifadoyin

Founder of Astrorisa Moon Forecaster